Jazzy accordions to hit Charleston

July 6, 2011
by Jack  McCray

Have you heard the one about the frustrated accordion player? There was this accordion player who was increasingly having trouble making a living on the much-maligned, unconventional instrument. It was a source of great consternation for him because he dearly loved playing the venerable box with keys and buttons. He auditioned for bands. He applied for inclusion in orchestras. He tried sitting in on jam sessions. Nothing worked. About all he could muster was the occasional old-school wedding gig or a job at a circus or dance for a small-town Oktoberfest. Out of desperation, he tried to sell his accordion so he could buy another instrument and take it up. That didn’t work. He couldn’t even give it away. So he decided to set it up to be stolen, get it out of his life. He parked his car on a busy street and left the instrument on the back seat with the windows open and doors unlocked. Then, he ran an errand, thinking it would be spotted by some thief and taken by the time he got back. When he returned, what he found was three other accordions on the seat next to his. This old joke — and there are many — makes it easy to make fun of the Old World instrument, seen by many as a cheesy…

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