Voodoo to unveil new look, new sounds
By Jack McCray
Wednesday, September 7  2011
Regular readers here know that one of my favorite places to hear jazz is Voodoo Tiki Bar and Lounge in Avondale. Not all the good jazz around is confined to the peninsula.  Voodoo, 15 Magnolia Road, has become a live music staple in the past four or five years, with jazz at the vanguard of its programming.   Owners Jen and Mike Kulick and percussionist Quentin Baxter have grown a personal relationship into a collegial one that has spawned Voodoo’s popular spring-summer and fall-winter jazz series.   If you liken it to, let’s say, the making of a record, the Kulicks are the executive producers. They gather the necessary resources and create an atmosphere for the artists to perform.   Baxter is the A&R person. He lines up the artists and develops the repertoire. Much of the time, he brings in bands, but for a handful of times, he builds ensembles around himself, usually a trio or quartet…..

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