WordSoundPower: A Black Music Column
By Jack McCray
December/January 2011-12

Greetings! It’s nice to join the Living Roots Family.  It feels great to jump on board Living Roots magazine, a journalistic freedom train that left the station and seems bound for glory – as in glorious: rich, lustrous and enlightening.

I plan to occupy this space with forays into the mine of one of the world’s riches veins of art, culture and entertainment – black music – an ongoing, vital body of historic work that has flowered for thousands of years and for the last three centuries here in America.

This magazine provides a prime perspective from which to observe, interpret and report on this iconic, aural art form invented and unleashed upon the world by people of color from the beginning of time – from Africa, the birthplace of civilization, then spreading across Asia and Europe and on to the New World, where it continues to be honed and refined as healing melodies, harmonies and rhythms that soothe the soul of people everywhere.

Like no other craft, black music has informed, entertained and uplifted untold numbers of people.  it is varied and, because it has so many aspects, it is completely accessible.  Black music is an ever-unfolding form, complete with a growing number of styles and genres and offering something for everyone.  It runs the gamut from folk to popular to fine art.

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